😍️— I believe there’s nothing that requires more creativity than organization. (At least, that’s my excuse for being obsessed with lists, schedules, and for color-coding my Google Calendar). 

Most of my experience in the realm of Project Management comes from being the Administrative Director of my college a cappella group, Psalm 100.

Here are some of the things I did:

  • Two semesters before I actually stepped into the Administrative Director role, I volunteered to be the group’s Spring Tour Manager. As Tour Manager, I planned a 4-day, 4-city tour around North Carolina, including lodging and concert venues.

  • Planned two group concerts in the Fall and Spring. I oversaw and assigned responsibilities to the Social Media Chair, Alumni Contact, Parent Contact, Treasurer, and Publicity Chair. 

  • Acted as the group liason in all gigs and business dealings. Booked concert spaces and represented the group to Carolina Union Event Services and Carolina Ticketing Services.

  • Coordinated “A cappella Jam”, a charity benefit concert. Psalm 100 hosted the concert, and six a cappella groups performed. All the proceeds from this concert went to Carolina for the Kids, a charity that helps families fighting cancer at UNC hospitals. (The following year, I was the concert emcee, where I delivered some truly corny jokes).

  • Created “Make Psalm Fun Again”, a group morale effort where the other directors and I led a team-bonding activity at the beginning of each practice.